A place where people can be themselves



DSC_0080The workshop room….before the renovation.

Streete Retreat, a place where people learn how to help themselves to be who they are. A place where people feel accepted and not feel judge but where they feel supported and encouraged to be themselves. Streete Retreat started with a ‘wild dream’ I had at my very first workshop “Who Am I?”. This was more then 20 years ago when I first attended this workshop. One of the questions was: If I was free to do what ever I wanted to do and nothing was holding me back, what would I do? My dream was to open a home for children, to give children a place to be themselves, where they just can be who they are and develop. For them to know that someone had their back. Life took over and I became a mother of two beautiful children, they are now young adults (this may say something about my age). The dream never stopped but started to develop through my work with adults: accompanying them on their journey of personal growth and to witness the courage, the determination and the fun of engagement. I wanted to give more…a place where people can stay and connect with each other in a climate that is life-giving, safe and supportive, hence Streete Retreat.


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