Growth Groups

My Body and Me

Making decisions that promotes harmony between body and being

We have only one body and she/he is our life companion. It functions according to its own laws. It is important to know these laws and to take them into account.

There is so much information and image advise available in the world we live in today and many very different opinions: on how our bodies should look, what shape they should be, the best way to take care of our health and our body. So what are we to do? You might like to consult a homeopath, some sort of practitioner or maybe you are more comfortable with someone whose title ends in “ologist”. Ultimately it is up to people to decide for themselves, but it all has to start with our relationship with our body and how well we listen to its needs and read its signals.

In this growth group you will explore natural elements of personal growth and make decisions that promotes harmony between body and being.

The following elements are covered:

Daily patterns of nutrition, sleep, rest, exercise, activities, fatigue, sexuality, influence of environment, aging and death.

This growth group consists of 9 meetings of 3.5 hours

This programme is available to groups of 6 to 12 seeking to build grater harmony with their bodies.

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