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DSC_0084 Welcome to the blog on Streete Retreat

Above you see the stairs as it is now, before the renovation of our beautiful house in Streete. You can see the house on the home page of the website as it is before the renovation. We are delighted to tell you that the renovation is starting in the second week of September. So excited and yet at the same time so scared, as the fear of the unknown creeps in. Thank God, the excitement is bigger and we can’t wait to welcome you all in Streete. But, for now you can find Streete Retreat in Celbridge and in Swords. This blog is about keeping in touch with you. Informing you what is going on at the moment and what will be happening. I will write about the work I do, sharing with you insights, tools and hopefully engage you in the process of self-discovery. People who have attended my workshop known that I would call this journey the most fascinating, in a persons life. No matter how old we are there is always more to discover and to surprise yourself. Feel free to join me in this journey of self-discovery by leaving a comment, a thought, your experience. I look forward to hear from you.


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