Dealing with Goodbyes and Loss

When something or someone disappears from our life, we experience loss. This can be the loss of our job, our health, our relationship, a person we love dearly… Loss, saying goodbye and letting go is part of life. We cannot escape it. We all deal with the loss in our own unique way. How do you deal with it?

In this workshop you are given an opportunity to reflex on your loss experience and the impact his has or had on your life. It’s also gives you an opportunity to grow towards a new sense of harmony.

The aims of this workshop ·

You will grow further in your awareness how you deal with your [personal experience on Goodbye and loss. ·

You map out your personal journey that you’ve been through so far and you reflect on your inner motivations and deep values ·

From there. You will seek acceptance and surrender in order to achieve a new sense of harmony


This workshop will take place at Streete Retreat starting on Nov 27

The workshop fee is €150

Register by Nov 13  with €60 Deposit, deductible from fee or pay full fee with 6% discount (€141)




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