Accommadation at Streete Retreat

Streete Retreat is located in the centre of the Pictureesque village of Streete in Co Westmeath between the village pub/shop and the village stream.

It is designed to provide a retreat from the stresses of life in a quite peaseful and relaxed atmosphere.

Counseeling, psychotherapy ( 1 hour session) and intensive psychotherapy (2 x 2hour sessions) is available on request

The house was built in 1845 and developed as the commercial and postal centre for the village.

The original features of the house are still preserved

The Village is a green oasis surrounded by an area of raised bog with Garriskil to the North and Lough Garr (Natural Heritge Area) to the South. Both among the best preserved areas of Raised Bog remaining.

The area provides many kilometers of scenic walks through places of significant historical interest, including the ancestral home of Bruce Sprinsteen in Rathowen and Dramona House where William Wilson built a Famous 19th century observatory and whose nephew Kenneth Edgeworth was the first scientist to predict the existence of the  Edgeworth Kuiper belt, beyond Neptune, not confirmed until 1992

Accommodation is provided in en-suite twin rooms.

Self service breakfast,  and home-cooked lunch and evening meals are provided

Prices  €45 pp sharing
             €80 single

Lunch   €12
Dinner   €20

To Book Accommadation Call or text on WhatsApp 087 2812543 or use contact page
You can also send an email