The Listening Path

Creativity is your birth right. You were born with it.
You are meant to be an artist of life itself,
Shaping and creating every part of your life into a work of art
That reflects your true self.





Would you like to tap into your creative energy and discovery your strength,
clarity, connection and direction?

Then the six-week Artist Way programme
The Listening Path
Is for you.


Wednesday 28 April – 2 June from 7.00-9.30pm

Venue: online
Fee: 90 euro


Many of us go through our lives consciously tuning out the sounds around us. When we block out the sounds around us, we miss extraordinary chances to listen. When we tune in to listen instead of tuning out, we’re rewarded by a sense of connection
The Listening Path offers the tools to become a better listener and challenges you to expand your ability to listen in a new way by listening to your environment, the people around you, to yourselves and learning to listen to silence.
The reward for learning to truly listen is immense. As you learn to listen, your attention is heightened and you gain strength, insight, clarity and above all create connections that can resonate through every aspect of your life.


To register for this workshop and for more information call or text
Maria at 087-281 2543


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