Who Am I?

Self-knowledge begins with awareness and validation of one’s strength and gifts

There are more then 7 billion people living on earth, and each of the 7 billion people is unique. We may share certain features or attributes together, however our personality and our subjective lived experience are unique to each one of us.

The workshop “Who Am I?” brings into the light one of the major key points of the Streete Retreat approach, that is, the belief and the experience that each person has within themselves a capacity to grow and evolve throughout their entire life. We are really never too old to learn, grow and blossom and to learn more about ourselves, and about ourselves in relation to others and the environment we live in.

How do we grow? We are born with an aspiration to exist, an inner drive that moves us to open up, to actualize who we are, our potential, to free ourselves from obstacles and to seek purpose in life.

There are three basic elements that contributes to growth:

  • to bring our lived experience into awareness
  • to make decisions in agreement with our conscience and to implement them
  • to choose a life-giving environment that contributes to growth and well-being

The “Who Am I?” introduce us to the above three elements and offers a method for increasing self-knowledge and how to make progress effectively. The emphasis is on discovering the positive aspects of ourselves, the solid central core at the heart of the person. It is an experience to be lived and to be shared, knowing that we are all on a journey and that we are all looking for similar things in life.

Who Am I?

  • Exploring the structure of the personality
  • Discover that what is most solid in us at the very heart of who we are
  • Discover attitudes that guarantee growth
  • Openness to our intuitions, learning to trust them and act on them



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